• Kid Photography

    I like taking photos of my kids. Who doesn’t? Ok maybe not everyone, but I find that I see them doing things while I’m lurking behind the camera watching them […]

  • Mobile App Redo

    I’ve been asked to work on some mobile app UI and design lately. It’s been pretty cool to both start from scratch and work on some existing product that need […]

  • Gearing up for Fall/Winter 2013

    Wool is a tough sell in the heat of summer. But that can’t stop us at Bobolink for getting our product ready for when the cold air returns (and it […]

  • Bobolink Prototypes

    Here are some photos from the most recent photo shoot for the clothing line. Although I am still focused in getting the men’s and women’s trainers to market first, there […]

  • Manic Mommies

    New site alert! After a couple of months in the making, the new Manic Mommies site is live and in the capable hans of its rightful owners, Kristin and Erin–the […]

  • Bobolinkgear.com is Alive!

    The Bobolink cycling apparel site has landed. Really just a placeholder for now while the site is being built. Very exciting though. There’s something about having a working url and […]

  • The Most Committed

    It takes the highest level of commitment to be an ice climber. I haven’t reached that level yet. I have other commitments to biking that I just can’t seem to […]

  • This Guy Makes Me Look Good!

    I received a call last week from local photographer Jeff Scher, who was looking to do some twilight photos of me for his urban athlete collection. January is a tough […]

  • The Eyes Have It: Camera Test Part Two

    Capturing kids photos at a party is sometimes tough. Those little rugrats are fast to begin with and then add sugar and presents and it’s next to impossible to get […]

  • Camera Body Test

    I’m in the market to buy a new camera body this year. My aging Canon 30D is still in great shape, however I need something with a higher resolution light […]